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Dodge says wisdom is badass in Super Bowl 2015 commercial

There were a lot of crazy and outlandish commercials during the Super Bowl as there always is. Most of them have sex, kids, animals, or random weirdness in them. Then there are ones like this Dodge commercial. It sends a message that needs to be sent -- respect wisdom.

What I really like about this commercial is it its empowering quality. Most of the time you see elderly people in Super Bowl commercials, they are the butt of a joke. Usually the joke is them attempting to do something youthful. That isn't a joke. It's a demeaning cheap shot.

This commercial was one of the few I have ever seen which not only doesn't make fun of the elderly, it presents wisdom as being kinda badass. They show several people, many of whom are over 100 years of age telling you to live life to the fullest. To "Live fast" and "Never, ever forget where you came from."

Sure, they are talking about the Dodge company being 100 years old, and that's cool too. And well done drawing correlations to the wisdom of our elders.