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Walter White says "say my name" in esurance Super Bowl 2015 commercial

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Walter White is back. Esurance puts Bryan Cranston back in his Breaking Bad hazmat suit in their Super Bowl ad. The show ended last season after six seasons and a tremendous following so his brief return for this commercial is a rare treat for those who were avid followers of the AMC show.

For those not familiar, Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with cancer. Because of his chemistry background, he came up the with the idea to make meth as a way of paying for his treatments. Without giving away anything else, we'll just leave it at that.

So, you can see how having a meth dealer behind the counter at your local drug store might just be a bit off-putting. As he said, he's "sorta" the other guy. But not really.

Esurance actually ran a couple of ads with this premise. The other had Lindsey Lohan trying to pick up a couple kids from school.