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Nationwide hit with Mindy Kaling, big time miss with worst 2015 Super Bowl commercial

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What Nationwide gained with their ad about Mindy Kaling being invisible, they lost in a big way with easily the worst commercial to air during Sunday's Super Bowl.

The Kaling ad aired first and it was what we have come to expect from Nationwide commercials; Light hearted, fun. It features Mindy Kaling of "The Mindy Project" thinking that perhaps she might be invisible. She doesn't discover that she is real until she tries to sniff Matt Damon and he gets weirded out by it.

Most of us know Nationwide as the company who gave us Peyton Manning singing their jingle during various tasks such as "Chicken parm, you taste so good."

But then they go with the 'make your skin crawl' approach. They accomplish that with this ad right here which they call "Make safe happen"

Not sure when they started getting M. Night Shamalan to direct their commercials, but they should probably have reconsidered. The message is a good one if you can get past the way it's delivered. It's about keeping your kids safe from accidents. But... wow... I don't think any of us needed to 'see dead people' during a football game.

Sorry, Mindy, but it seems you've once again been rendered invisible.