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Skittles 'settles it the usual way' in Super Bowl 2015 commercial

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Skittles made sure to play on the publicity they receive due to the fact that they are Marshawn Lynch's favorite candy. They added their bit of craziness to the mix in their 'Settle it' commercial.

The premise is simple and strange. Two men are eating skittles. There is one yellow left. Both men want the yellow one as it is their favorite flavor. They must therefore "settle it the usual way". They live in a town where every dispute is settled by an arm wrestling match. This means everyone in the town has a ginormous right arm. That means everyone. Men, women, elderly people, toddlers, pets...

The townspeople rush to the square to witness the action. The two men arm wrestle. One man wins, gets the Skittle, tastes the rainbow.

Unfortunately for them, their number one fan, Marshawn Lynch, did not taste victory in the Super Bowl because he wasn't given the ball with the game on the line. They passed in in second and goal at the one yard line and it was intercepted. And that settled it.

Taste the tears.