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Raiders Donald Penn fights off home intruder

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month a man broke into a home in Los Angeles and quickly discovered he had made a big mistake. How big? about 6-4, 330 pounds big. As TMZ first reported, Raiders left tackle Donald Penn in an incident earlier this month fought a home intruder who kicked in the front door to his LA home and threatened his family.

In the house when the man broke in was Donald Penn along with his wife and two children.

The man may have been considered a large man to some at 6-1, 220 pounds, but quickly discovered he messed with the wrong dude's family.

Penn, who as an NFL offensive tackle protects his quarterback every week from men a lot bigger and a lot meaner than this guy, subdued the intruder until police could arrive. Thankfully no one was hurt.

The details came to light Friday when Penn was granted a restraining order which requires the man, to whom Penn said he had no connection, stay at least 100 yards from his home and his family.

Fans have responded to the report, prompting a response from Penn on Twitter.

The case is scheduled to go before a judge later this month -- when Penn will ask for a more permanent protection order.