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Mike Mayock sees Raiders going wide receiver with at 4th overall pick

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's Mike Mayock is not one to make mock draft after mock draft as many draft analysts do and therefore his one mock draft is a couple of months from being put out. He is one of the most trusted minds in draft analysis and therefore his conference calls near draft time garner quite a bit of attention.

If one were to pick through that conference call, they could conceivably piece together a mock draft, being that Mayock is asked about pretty much every team and most every potential draft selection out there.

For our purposes, we focus on his thoughts on the Raiders selection at number four. And his projection as of now is the Raiders go wide receiver. Though he is still not settled yet on exactly which of the draft's wide receivers are worth that pick at number four.

"And as far as the wide receiver position is concerned, I would expect that at No. 4 that's where they ought to be targeting," said Mayock. "I think they've got to grind the heck out of Kevin White, Amari Cooper and DeVante Parker.

"I think Cooper from Alabama has got the highest score. In other words, I think he's the safest pick of that group. Really good route runner, had over 100 catches last year, reminds me of some of those wide outs that played on the Greatest Show on Turf with Dick Vermeil in St. Louis, Tory Holt, for example, that type of wide receiver, whereas the other two, Kevin White and DeVante Parker, are bigger bodied guys where you can throw it up and they can win jump balls. I would imagine that one of those three guys are going to be their pick, and I think any one of the three could be highly productive."

Predicting the Raiders will go receiver with that pick is somewhat common. The Raiders have not had a bonafide number one receiver for some time now. Adding one should be a high priority especially to give Derek Carr the weapons he needs to succeed.