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Know the Enemy Daily Links 2/17: 22 intriguing playmakers participating in the Combine

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AFC West


Broncos' Chris Harris Jr. tops Richard Sherman to rank No. 1 in PFF's coverage rankings - Mile High Report
Denver's Chris Harris Jr. beat out Seattle's Richard Sherman to rank as PFF's No. 1 cornerback in 2014.

Horse Tracks: Julius Thomas wants that big pay day, not that diamond-studded ring - Mile High Report
Denver Broncos sort of stud tight end, Julius Thomas, was thrown under the bus by some/one of his teammates yesterday. (MAJOR RED FLAGS for those of us interested in the Raiders signing JT)


Offseason Forecast: San Diego Chargers -
The San Diego Chargers have one of the best quarterbacks in football in Philip Rivers. It's time they build an offense around him before it's too late. Our offseason forecast, after the click.

Countdown to 2015 NFL Combine: San Diego Chargers - ESPN
A closer look at the areas the San Diego Chargers could address in the 2015 NFL draft, including at receiver.


What Chiefs' Andy Reid looks for in a wide receiver - Arrowhead Pride
Be smart and catch the ball. Simple, right?

NFL Draft 2015: Mike Mayock on Kansas City Chiefs draft needs, including WR and OL - Arrowhead Pride
Receivers, o-line and linebackers, Mayock says.


Raiders, Patriots among 10 NFL teams that must boost salary payroll
Raiders lagging furthest behind in mandatory cash spending, but Patriots must also increase salary layouts.

The 22 most intriguing playmakers at the 2015 NFL Combine -
Danny Kelly runs down the list of quarterbacks, running backs and receivers with the most to prove this week in Indianapolis. (Help out SB Nation if you can, Danny Kelly did some impressive research and deserves a little conversation on his article too!)