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Former Buccaneers, Raiders Warren Sapp arrested for soliciting prostitute, promptly fired by NFL Network

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Warren Sapp making his usual "John Candy from Planes Trains and Automobiles" face.
Warren Sapp making his usual "John Candy from Planes Trains and Automobiles" face.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A former noted player for the Buccaneers and man who has on occasion claimed to have once suited up in a Raiders uniform was arrested Monday on charges of assault and soliciting a prostitute. Warren Sapp, who has been a TV personality for the NFL Network for the past few years after retiring from the NFL, has admitted to soliciting a prostitute but denied the assault charges.

According to William Pitts of NBC 12 in Phoenix, police say they were called to Sapp's room at a hotel when a woman reported an assault. There were two women in the hotel room and there was an argument going on over money.

This is not the first time in recent months that Sapp has made headlines for not paying for services rendered. He was outed last July by a waitress in a Florida restaurant whom he stiffed a tip on a $70 bill, noting on the bill "Boys don't tip." And that was for table service, not bedside service (ehem).

Sapp was part of the NFL Network coverage of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale Arizona on Sunday and hours afterward, he was looking to celebrate by purchasing some time with a couple of lady friends. Not long after, the party would move to a police precinct.

No sooner had the incident gone public but the NFL Network relieved themselves of Sapp's presence by relieving him of his duties as a studio analyst.

The former defensive tackle spent 13 seasons in the NFL. The first nine with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the final four being paid to pad his stats in an Oakland Raiders uniform.