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Kevin White makes strong case to be first drafted wide receiver

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Some folks put too much emphasis on how a player performs in the scouting combine (Al Davis). Others say it's relatively meaningless. But whatever your opinion on the NFL prospect showcase, Kevin White had an extremely strong showing.

The majority of draft analysts have Amari Cooper as their top receiver in the draft. A couple of those analysts had white as their favorite -- Mike Mayock among them. All White did on Saturday in Indianapolis is make that projection look accurate.


He is a prototypical 6-2 5/8 215 pounds and he carries it in the right places. He has an obviously strong upper body and long arms (32 5/8). By comparison, Cooper measured at 6-1 flat with 31 1/2 arms.


This was a big question coming in and he exploded to a 4.35 40-yard-dash which is third best among receivers at the combine. The only guys faster are 5-9 and 5-10 respectively. 4.35 speed is far more rare in a player over 6-2.

By comparison Cooper ran a 4.42 40-yard-dash officially. Though if you watch this video, it shows things were about as neck and neck between Cooper and White as it can be (pay not mind to what the Rich Eisen is saying. Devante Parker is trailing the pack.)


Was very smooth catching the football with no wasted movement. He looked the ball in and had no drops or bobbled balls.

It was basically a flawless performance for White and I have a feeling after today there will be quite a few scouts and analysts taking a hard look at who they have at the top of their draft board at wide receiver. Or certainly the separation between the two will narrow.

Cooper has a lot more experience with prolonged success and his strength is his route running which is a bit more difficult to measure in shorts.

The Raiders at pick number four are expected to be the first team to show great interest in taking a wide receiver so no one has more to think about than they do.