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CGI animated video of Raiders, Chargers proposed Los Angeles Stadium

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Last week it was revealed the Raiders and Chargers had gone in together to purchase a plot of land in Carson California, near Los Angeles with plans in place for a new state of the art stadium. The plan being that they would be ready to move forward on the new facility should the stadium hopes in Oakland and San Diego can't come about by this time next year.

They've teamed up with Carson2gether to get the plans going and there was a press conference officially announcing the plans. At that press conference they played this 5-minute video to get everyone excited about the prospect of the Raiders and Chargers coming to town to play in the new stadium.

The video shows the stadium and the surrounding areas from all angles and with some emphasis on the large parking areas and tailgating opportunities. It shows it's proximity to 405 and 110 freeways.

Architectural design and renderings were put together by Manica.