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Ken Norton Jr hired as Raiders Defensive Coordinator

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After much waiting and wondering, the Raiders have their man. They have hired former Seahawks Linebackers coach, Ken Norton Jr as their next Defensive Coordinator. The team has made the move official.

Norton Jr and Del Rio go way back to when they both were players for the Dallas Cowboys' defense from 1989-91 together. Norton Jr. has never been a defensive coordinator at either the college or pro level.

Del Rio is a USC alum as well which is where Norton Jr began coaching under Pete Carroll, then following him to Seattle. Though Norton Jr has never been a DC at the NFL level, he has spent over a decade as a position coach under Pete Carroll. And after the Seahawks made two-straight trips to the Super Bowl, thanks in part to their defense, it was time.

The wait for the hire was at least in part because the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl so the Raiders had to wait until this week to make the announcement.