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Raiders 2015 team needs: Poll Position results

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The voting has closed and we now have a pretty good idea of what you all see as the levels of need at each position for the Raiders. Here they are in order of importance. The percentage was how many of the voters chose that level of need.

Desperate need

Defensive end (80%)

No surprise here. The Raiders garnered almost no pass rush from the defensive end position last season. They have needed a defensive end for years and have never made it a priority. They absolutely cannot neglect it again.

Wide receiver (79%)

No number one receiver and haven't had one in many years. They absolutely must get a playmaker at the wide receiver position.

Middle linebacker (58%)

Nick Roach's status is still uncertain after being placed on injured reserve last season with a concussion. Miles Burris was literally the worst rated player at any position in the NFL last season. The Raiders can't be caught in the same bind they were last season.

Next option: Could use an upgrade (This is dependent upon that status of Nick Roach)

Defensive tackle (51%)

Justin Ellis seems like he might be the answer at the nose tackle spot. At the other position is Antonio Smith, who was decent last season, but is 33-years-old. The team needs to think about getting that spot fixed long term.

Moderate need

Offensive tackle (41%)

Left tackle is fine for the moment, but Donald Penn is 33-years-old. Right tackle Menelik Watson can't stay healthy and hasn't earned much confidence when he has.

Next option: Desperate need (36%)

Guard/center (40%)

The big concern here is whether Stefen Wisniewski will be back. He has already turned down contract offers from the team and the Raiders' recent track record with keeping their own free agents has not been good. Austin Howard did not play well at right guard and some have suggested perhaps he move back to right tackle (where he played with the Jets), which might not be a bad idea with the current state at right tackle. But even that move is not guaranteed to work out.

Next option: Desperate need (37%)

Tight end (38%)

The Raiders haven't had an elite level tight end since Zach Miller was leading the team in receiving. Since then, they have had a need every year and done little to remedy that. Mychal Rivera has been a pleasant surprise as a round six pick but he isn't enough.

Next option: Desperate need (36%)

Safety (39%)

This could very well be the last year in Oakland for both Charles Woodson and Tyvon Branch. Woodson will be 39 in October and Branch's already near $10 million cap hit goes up another million next season. That's a lot for any player, let alone someone who has played in a total of five games over the past two seasons.

Next option: Desperate need (24%)

Cornerback (36%)

Last year's starters were on one year deals and aren't likely to be back. That leaves the starting jobs to D.J. Hayden and T.J. Carrie with some depth behind them but uncertainty. They could really use one more starting caliber corner added to the mix to either play the slot or start on the boundary and allow Carrie to play the slot.

Next option: Desperate need (31%)

Running back (36%)

Latavius is the hope for the future, but after him there isn't much and not a lot of confidence. Best case scenario is they can get a change of pace back and another potential starter in case they want to go with the two-headed approach.

Next option: Desperate need (23%)

Depth only

Quarterback (62%)

With Derek Carr as the hope for the future at the position and Matt McGloin as the backup, the Raiders could use a third bit of competition for the primary backup as well as a roster spot.

Outside linebacker (41%)

Khalil Mack and Sio Moore have the starting jobs locked up and Miles Burris should move back to weakside linebacker next season as depth. That just leaves a backup strong side linebacker behind Mack.

Not a need at all

Fullback (52%)

With Marcel Reece as the starter and only current Pro Bowler and Jamize Olawale as the backup, there is no immediate need here.

Kicker, punter, returner

Sebastian Janikowski and Marquette King are doing the job at kicker and punter respectively with T.J. Carrie as return specialist.