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Ed Sabol key part of Raiders image starting with this

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Ed Sabol, creator of NFL Films, passed away Monday at the age of 98. He and his son Steve are immortalized through the company they created and the footage they captured of the rich NFL history of which the Raiders a big part.

There probably isn't a team in the NFL who's history and legacy is more linked to Ed Sabol than the Raiders. They are the only team in the NFL with their own theme song and poem -- The Autumn Wind which was written by his son Steve Sabol. I was thanks to Ed Sabol and NFL Films that the iconic footage was brought together with the classic song and words read by the great John Facenda to become synonymous with the Raiders brand; adding a great mystique to those who wear the Silver & Black.

The heyday of the NFL came with the reign of the Raiders. And it was captured masterfully by Ed and Steve Sabol. Both have passed on, but the company they created lives on. How they brought us all closer to the many personalities and stories of those we watch on Sundays in the NFL continues in their absence.

Their "America's Game" specials, which periodically appear on NFL Network, are all a must-watch for any football fan. You can get their complete history which has all the franchise's best moments as well a set with each of their three Super Bowl wins. It's enough to keep any fan steeped in the rich tradition of the NFL and the Raiders place in it.

You can go to the NFL Films library online and see expose's any just about any one of the greatest Raiders of all time. That kind of connection between the men under the helmets and the fans in the stands was critical to the success of the NFL over the years.

No NFL personality was more enigmatic and embodied the Raiders than that of Al Davis, who NFL Films chronicled many times during his life as well as a tribute following his death in 2011.

The NFL and NFL Films keeps their footage pretty close to the vest, so while I am unable to embed it here, you can click through to watch several of their great expose's

Here is their tribute to Al Davis following his passing

Here is Al Davis: A Football Life

How did NFL Films help shape your experience as a fan?