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Report: Raiders interested in signing FA running back DeMarco Murray

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have a lot of money that they need to spend this off-season to be up to the mininum requirements for the NFL's new collective bargaining agreement. They wanted to back up the "Brinks Truck" for the likes of Ndamukong Suh, Randall Cobb, and Julius Thomas but all three of those players have decided on other destinations.

That leaves the Raiders with a heavy wallet and less places to spend that money. It would make sense then for them to be interested in one of the highest named free agents left on the market since they have to spend money anyway.

According to John Middlekauf and Adam Kaplan that is exactly the case. The biggest name left on the market is Dallas Cowboys free agent running back DeMarco Murray and the Raiders are reportedly in the mix for his services.

We have seen this scenario play out several times already this year and many times in the past too so don't get too excited just yet. The Raiders have not had much luck when it has come to bidding wars between multiple teams so it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Hopefully the Jacksonville Jaguars, who already stole Julius Thomas, are not in the running as they are one of the few teams with the capability to match the type of offer that the Raiders are capable of doling out. DeMarco Murray is a big time addition and would be a great player for the Raiders to sign even with them already having Latavius Murray as a capable back on the roster.

Latavius looked good last year but is far from proven while DeMarco was the league's rushing champion for 2014. Beyond that, signing a big name free agent is something the Raiders have failed to do in recent history and would be an excellent way of showing their growth as a team. They can't claim to be a destination place until a big name player actually chooses them as their destination.

We should see relatively soon whether we finally get to see a big fish get reeled in by Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis. Hope so, because there are plenty of smaller fish in the sea of free agency but the big ones are already being caught at an alarming rate.