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Raiders officially lock in their new middle linebacker Curtis Lofton

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The official signings by the Raiders are coming one on top of the other now. The latest is signing former Saints middle linebacker Curtis Lofton. He was cut this week in a salary cap move and instantly becomes the Raiders answer to their question in the middle of their defense.

Lofton signed on with a 3-year, $18 million deal with $10 million guaranteed.

Nick Roach was released last week with a failed physical designation due to a concussion he received last preseason. His absence caused Miles Burris to move over from his reserve weakside linebacker spot to start in his place.

The 6-2, 238-pound middle linebacker is as dependable as they come in his career. He has never missed a game in seven seasons with the Falcons and Saints and the former 2nd round pick has started every game. He averages 128 tackles per season and had a career-high 145 tackles last season. Though on an overall terrible defense, he struggled without much help.

With the Saints desperate to clear space under the cap, Lofton was a casualty. And the Raiders wasted no time getting him to Oakland.