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Report: Raiders expected to sign Carolina Panthers CB James Dockery

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders may not have made a splash in free agency this year as they were expected to do, but they certainly have been active. The latest movement from the Raiders comes in the form of some depth at the cornerback position.

Bill Williamson of ESPNis reporting that "barring unexpected changes" the Raiders will be signing CB James Dockery from the Carolina Panthers. Dockery is a 4 year veteran, all four with the Panthers, who has started 2 games out of a possible 31 that he has played in, he has accumulated 39 tackles and 1 pass defensed in that time so productive he has not been.

With that being said, he is a tall corner at 6'1 though he only weighs about 185lbs. He is 26 years old and attended college at Oregon State. Though he went north for his college though he is actually a California native having been born in West Covine and graduated from Plain Desert High School.

Reggie McKenzie has shown an interest in bringing players back home to California so it is no surprise that this is another time of him doing so. Dockery has not had many games under his belt considering that he has been in the league for 4 years but the fact that the Panthers bothered to keep him on the roster for that long despite a lack of production symbols that they must have had a belief in his potential.

Really, it is a depth signing and that is O.K. too.. They can't all be starters!