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Raiders free agency day 3 wrap

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Things slowed down considerably from the frantic official releases the Raiders put out on day two.

The first bit of news on day two was about a player the Raiders would not be getting. That being DeMarco Murray who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. And just when you think that means their deal on the table for Ryan Mathews would be pulled as a result, they signed him too. Chip Kelly does like a plethora of running backs in his offense.

With the top target off the board, it was on to filling some of the many other needs on this Raiders team. One such position is safety due to the release of Tyvon Branch. For that they officially announced the addition of former Eagles free safety, Nate Allen.

Allen said the Raiders had been wanting to sign him since last year and when I asked him why he then opted to return to the Eagles on a one-year deal, he said it was because they weren't offering a long term deal then. They offered him one this time. He didn't reveal just HOW long term but based on some other contracts, I'd say it was probably a 3-year deal.

Then there was the curious case of Jermaine Gresham. The Raiders had interest reported since early in the negotiating period. His visit was reported around the same time Nate Allen's visit was to take place. And yet Allen is signed and there is nothing from Gresham. The Raiders have offered nothing official and neither has Gresham's camp. The word is that a signing is not imminent.

That doesn't mean a signing won't happen. After all, there have been no reports of Gresham leaving to visit other teams yet. Even though prior to his visit to Oakland, the Browns were reportedly interested and they just lost Cameron Jordan to the Dolphins so that interest could be more so by now.

Usually the sticking point is contract details. I would suspect we will find out whether he signs with Oakland or goes elsewhere in short order.

There was one other reported deal today that is supposed to be finalized by Friday. It was former Panthers cornerback James Dockery. As signings go, he is not a headliner. He is seen as a depth signing.

Speaking of former Panthers, just when you think the day is done and we can close up shop, reports come out of supposed interest from the Raiders in Greg Hardy. That one is surprising to say the least. If that interest is in any way significant, we will soon find out.

He is a great pass rusher. But no one really knows when the next time he will be allowed to rush any passers in the NFL. Add the PR problem he presents and you can see the issue NFL teams have with the idea of adding him to their squad.

So, that's how we head into day four of free agency. Just Jermaine Gresham falling in a black hole, reportedly adding a reserve cornerback, and the questionable interest in a very questionable character.

Not much left on the market now. But the Raiders still have some $20 million to spend so they are far from done.