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Raiders free agency 2015: Best of what's left day 4

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Reggie Friday, everyone! For those unfamiliar, since joining the Raiders, Reggie McKenzie has become known for doing business on Fridays. Or at least that's when things get announced. This week, Wednesday was a big day, but that was because of the start of Free agency on Tuesday.

So far the Raiders have officially added seven players and their once $67 million under the cap now sits at around an estimated $22 million. And since it's Friday... partyin', partyin', yeah!

Here are the best still out there for the Raiders' purposes.

1             DE          Derrick Morgan

2             TE           Jermaine Gresham

3             OG         Justin Blalock

4             RB          C.J. Spiller -- signed with Saints

5             DE          Michael Johnson

6             CB          Sterling Moore

7             CB          Perrish Cox

8             WR         Percy Harvin

9             QB          Matt Moore

10           WR         Stevie Johnson

11           QB          Christian Ponder -- signed with Raiders

12           WR         Kenny Britt -- re-signed with Rams

13           OG         Mike Pollak

14           S             Dwight Lowery

15           S             Stevie Brown

16           RB          Reggie Bush

17           WR         Cecil Shorts III