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Conflicting reports say Raiders not looking into adding Greg Hardy

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We all went to bed last night with the reports being tossed about that the Raiders were inquiring about signing Greg Hardy. Even then there was some healthy skepticism from most -- including myself -- who though the idea of adding Hardy didn't fit with the stance Mark Davis has made on adding players with a domestic violence conviction to his team.

Even still, there was a lot of talk about it with confirmations from different reports from the the Huffington Post, Pro Football Talk, and Fox Sports. As of this morning, however, it appears several of the local beat writers got the same memo as they simultaneously said according to sources that the Raiders are not interested in Greg Hardy and have not been in talks with  his people.

Someone isn't telling the truth here, but it doesn't really matter much. If the denials are flying, it is clear the Raiders are steering clear of the potential public relations disaster that would come with adding Greg Hardy to the team.

The truth may come out eventually, but as of now, adding Greg Hardy to the Raiders appears not to be happening.