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Report: Raiders hosting former Vikings QB Christian Ponder

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Even with Derek Carr in place as the Raiders starting quarterback, it was expected they would look into adding a veteran backup. The most logical choice for that spot was former Vikings starter Christian Ponder, who is visiting the Raiders facility Friday according to Fox Sports' Mike Garafolo.

Now, some of you may be asking 'why is it so logical?' Well, because he was the Vikings' quarterback the three seasons Raiders new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was the OC in Minnesota. The two are very familiar with each other.

Ponder will likely gain the ire of many fans who think he's terrible. Well, if he were greatness, he probably would be starting somewhere instead of looking to sign on as a backup in Oakland.

The Raiders have Matt McGloin in place, who had a pretty good looking rookie season in 2013 and deserves a shot at being the primary backup in Oakland -- a shot he will get. But adding a veteran backup was still a good idea. You can't have too much competition. He is certainly worth a look.