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Mark Davis slams door on Greg Hardy talk, calls reports of Raiders interest 'false, falser and falsest'

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

In case any of you were still wondering where Raiders owner Mark Davis stands on the idea of adding Greg Hardy to the team, he spoke with Tim Kawakami Friday morning and made his opinion very clear that the Raiders will not be signing Greg Hardy and insisted the reports were entirely false.

Here are some excerpts from Kawakami's discussion with Davis

"False, falser and falsest," Davis said before I even got through my whole question about the veracity of those reports. "That is not true."

So with the Hardy issue rising, I asked Davis today: Does that mean his team has ruled out signing Hardy or other any player who has been involved in a domestic violence situation?

"I'm not saying that, because I don't know the details of the Hardy situation, but I'm saying that he's somebody we are not negotiating with and I don't believe we would be interested in at this point in time," Davis said.

"I can tell you this: It has not been brought up to me and it would have to come to me...

"I've said I'd rather be right than be consistent, but in this situation, I'm going to say that consistency is the most important."

Here is our post outlining the initial reports with some background on why Greg Hardy is a player NFL teams are quick to distance themselves from him.