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Raiders release QB Matt Schaub

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that was inevitably coming, the Raiders have officially released quarterback Matt Schaub. He was due to make $5.5 million this season -- an amount that is now freed up under the 2015 salary cap. With the signing of Christian Ponder last Friday, Schaub's days in Oakland were numbered.

Schaub was acquired in trade last offseason with the Houston Texans. At that time he was the projected starter. The Raiders then drafted Derek Carr in the second round of the draft and by the third preseason game, Schaub was suffering from arm fatigue and was replaced by Carr. That's how it would remain throughout the season.

Schaub's most notable contribution last season was taking over kick holding duties in place of punter Marquette King. Sebastian Janikowski had struggled with his accuracy with King as his holder. Those issues were eliminated when Schaub took over. The veteran QB made $8 million last season for those duties.

As for his contributions as a quarterback, it was disastrous. He had the ball four time and every time he either fumbled or was intercepted. He threw an interception the first time he touched the ball on a fake field goal. Later he would replace Carr in the fourth quarter of the team's blowout loss in St Louis and in three possessions he threw a pick six and fumbled twice.

In total, Schaub completed 5 of 10 passes for 57 total yards, 0 TD's and 2 interceptions. That was his Raiders career.