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NFL draft order 2015: Raiders official picks in all 7 rounds

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With the compensatory picks now released -- and the Raiders not receiving any as expected -- we now have the official 7-round draft order. Here is exactly which picks the Raiders will have in the 2015 draft:

Round 1, pick 4
Round 2, pick 35
Round 3, pick 68
Round 4, pick 102
Round 5, pick 140
Round 6, pick 178
Round 7, pick 221

The Raiders and Jaguars alternate between the third and fourth pick in each round. This is the final official draft order although there could still be trades beforehand and will most certainly be trades on draft day.

The entire 2015 draft order will be released shortly. Here are the first three rounds prior to the Patriots, Chiefs, and Bengals all getting compensatory picks at the end of the third round.