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Mark Davis on Raiders in free agency: 'We aren't done yet'

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With roughly $22 million left to spend under the 2015 salary cap, one would assume the Raiders aren't done adding free agents this off-season. When asked today at the owners meeting about the Raiders free agent haul thus far, Mark Davis made said more are coming.

Then again, there have been a lot of things said with regard to the Raiders' free agency this off-season like the 'joke' Davis made about going to get the Brinks truck and Reggie McKenzie's statements about shifting away from role players and going after impact players. That's not exactly how it played out once free agency began.

That isn't to say either of them weren't being truthful in their words. That may very well have been the intention, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

In total the Raiders have added 10 free agents -- 12 if you count the kicker and punter camp legs they signed --, four of whom are projected starters. They had signed some 12 free agents this time last year, 11 of whom were projected starters on a team which had a great many gaping holes to fill.

But back to the idea that the Raiders "aren't done yet"...

Who else is even out there to be had? There isn't much and of the remaining free agents, there aren't any that would inspire much enthusiasm. Michael Crabtree? Poison. Greg Jennings? Perhaps. Rolando McClain? Uh, no. Hakeem Nicks? Meh. Most of the other 'big names' are approaching their mid-30s.

I still think the best bet has to be at guard. Justin Blalock is out there but while he takes visits elsewhere, the Raiders appear not to be interested. Rob Sims seems like a good option, but as it happens, his former team, the Lions, are one of the teams looking to replace him with Blalock. That's not a good sign.

What of a trade?

That wouldn't fall under free agency, but it would be an option in lieu of trying to pick through the remaining scraps of free agency. They have the cap money to make a deal to take on a big cap hit from a team desperate for relief in exchange for a low draft pick. There have been a few good trades like that already this offseason such as the one the moved Mike Wallace to the Vikings from the Dolphins who needed cap relief to afford Ndamukong Suh's big contract.

Or the Raiders could just be waiting it out to see if any more players are released following the draft. Or maybe Mark Davis is talking about undrafted free agent signings. Who knows.