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Jack Del Rio says Rodney Hudson addition not "sexy" but carries bonus: Taking him from Chiefs

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The benefit when adding players isn't often seen as much more than what that player can do for his new team. When the Raiders signed free agent Rodney Hudson, they made him the highest paid center in the NFL. For the Raiders, it was well worth it not just for what Hudson brings to the table as a top five NFL center, but what he will no longer be doing for his former team, the Chiefs, who the Raiders face twice a year.

"Offensively getting the center, getting Hudson, it helped us a great deal, it weakened a division rival," Del Rio said at the owners meetings Tuesday morning. "I feel like we had a good solid offseason. It wasn't the sexy, gifted name receiver that everybody's clamoring for, that's not what it was, but it was a very effective, kind of methodical approach to going out and filling some needs and addressing some of the issues that we felt we had with our roster."

With Hudson's departure from Kansas City, it leaves the Chiefs in the lurch at center on an overall unsettled offensive line. It either means they will struggle to run the ball and protect the quarterback next season or be forced to use a good portion of their draft to assemble it which means neglecting other potential need positions.

That "sexy" receiver Del Rio speaks of is one of the things the Chiefs were able to add when they signed Jeremy Maclin as a free agent. The Raiders went after the top potential free agent wide receiver in Randall Cobb, but he ended up re-signing with the Packers.

Now they must try to find that receiver in the draft.