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Power ranking Raiders 2015 offensive roster

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What I did here was list each potential Raiders starter on the current roster based upon their grades by Pro Football Focus to come up with power rankings. Listed are their grades from last season, their adjusted grade, and position rank with the adjusted grade as the deciding factor as to where they land in the rankings.

The adjusted grade is somewhat of a projection based upon factors explained under each player's name. The position rank is where their adjusted grade would rank them based on 2014 grades at their position. Team rank is where they rank among all Raiders players regardless of offense or defense.

Here are the results for the offense.

1. C Rodney Hudson

2014 PFF grade: 13.0

Adjusted grade: 16.0

Position rank: 3

Team rank: 2

Hudson has improved his PFF rating each of the past two seasons since becoming the fulltime starter. He had a 7.6 grade in 2013 and that jumped up to a 13.0 last season. That ranked third among centers. Just 25 years old, he will only get better. I expect his star to continue to rise, although switching offenses may slow that growth initially.

2. OT Donald Penn

2014 PFF grade: 19.3

Adjusted grade: 14.0

Position rank: 14

Team rank: 3

In his first season with the Raiders he had a 19.3 PFF rating which was seventh among offensive tackles. This is considerably better than his 4.2 grade the previous season in which he gave up the second most sacks (12) in the league. That is not a good season to base a judgement. Far better to look at his two previous seasons as well as the 2014 season and find the average which is where the 14.0 number comes from. Though he will be 32 in April so it's hard to say if he can continue to perform at a high level. I'm not putting it past him yet.

3. FB/HB Marcel Reece

2014 PFF grade: -6.8

Adjusted grade: 4.8

Position rank: 4

Team rank: 7

He had a down season last year with several dropped passes and poor blocking grades. In fact, his PFF grade has gone down each of the past two seasons from 16.2 in 2012, to 5.0 in 2013, to -6.8 last season. His average over three seasons would be 4.8, but that may not be reliable for a back about to turn 30. That could be counterbalanced by the thinking that the new offense could actually feature him in a manner more suitable to his threat as a receiver.

4. OG Gabe Jackson

2014 PFF grade: 3.7

Adjusted grade: 3.7

Position rank: 26

Team rank: 9

The third round rookie was a fulltime starter and put up a respectable 3.7 PFF rating last season which is 26th among guards, 12th among left guards specifically.

5. TE Lee Smith

2014 PFF grade: 0.3

Adjusted grade: 3.2

Position rank: 20

Team rank: 10

Joins the Raiders as a blocking tight end, though his grades have been up and down a bit. His grade last season was just 0.3 but his averaged over the past three seasons is 3.2.

6. WR Rod Streater

2014 PFF grade: -1.3

Adjusted grade: 2.6

Position rank: 30

Team rank: 11

For Streater's grade, you must go back to 2013 because he was out most of last season after breaking his foot in week three. His had a grade of 2.6 that season which puts him about 30th among last year's receivers.

7. WR Brice Butler

2014 PFF grade: 1.4

Adjusted grade: 1.4

Position rank: 39

Team rank: 13

It is iffy whether he qualifies for this list considering he had the fewest snaps (278) among any qualifying receiver in last season's grades. He is here because his 1.4 grade was not only the best among all Raiders wide receivers but he was the only one to receive a positive grade at all. He showed some flashes in his limited snaps which could lead one to think he might get more this season.

8. OT Austin Howard

2014 PFF grade: -12.8

Adjusted grade: 0.5

Position rank: 33

Team rank: 14

He had a pretty bad season at guard, even though he looked better late in the season. Even still, he won't be playing guard, so to find the proper grade, you must go back to his time with the Jets. His average grade over the last two seasons there was 0.5 which would have placed him 33rd among tackles last season and 14th among right tackles.

9. RB Latavius Murray

2014 PFF grade: -1.8

Adjusted grade: -0.3

Position rank: 23

Team rank: 16

Murray began to finally be used extensively over the final six games last season. He had a total grade of -0.3 over that time.

10. OG Kevin Boothe

2014 PFF grade: 0.5

Adjusted grade: -4.5

Position rank: 45

Team rank: 22

He barely saw the field last season, but until the Raiders draft their next right guard, he has a real shot to take that job. His play was up and down in his last three seasons in New York with an average PFF grade of -4.5.

11. WR James Jones

2014 PFF grade: -6.8

Adjusted grade: -6.8

Position rank: 89

Team rank: 23

While he was considered a reliable target for Derek Carr, he didn't light the world on fire. He finished with a -6.8 grade which was barely ranked inside 90th and his grade has gone down each of the past three seasons going back to his days in Green Bay.

12. WR Andre Holmes

2014 PFF grade: -6.9

Adjusted grade: -6.9

Position rank: 90

Team rank: 24

Sitting right on 90th in the ranking was Andre Holmes. After surprising some people late in the 2013 season, he came back to earth last season with a -6.9 grade. If all goes as hoped, I don't expect he will see any starts. But just in case, he's here.

13. TE Mychal Rivera

2014 PFF grade: -25.1

Adjusted grade: -11.2

Position rank: 57

Team rank: 27

He was second from the absolute worst ranked tight end in the league last year at -25.1. Most of that came from his run blocking. Combined with his 2.7 grade in 2013, he had an average grade of -11.2. Not quite as bad, but not great either.

14. QB Derek Carr

2014 PFF grade: -32.6

Adjusted grade: -16.3

Position rank: 30

Team rank: 28

His -32.6 grade was second worst among starting quarterbacks last season. Only fellow rookie Blake Bortles was worse. Carr's grade was easily the lowest among the Raiders players on offense (Mychal Rivera's -25.1 was closest). He was a rookie, so I would expect his grade to go up next season, but figuring up his adjusted grade was not easy. Nearly every other rookie quarterback in recent years to have a grade that low lost his starting job shortly thereafter (ie Jimmy Clausen, Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden). But giving him the benefit of the doubt, I found the most recent quarterbacks to have negative grades their first season and then improve -- Matt Stafford, Nick Foles, and Sam Bradford. They improved by an average of 16.3 (most of that was Stafford). Which, as it so happens, cuts Carr's -32.6 grade exactly in half.

15. OT Menelik Watson

2014 PFF grade: -17.2

Adjusted grade: -17.2

Position rank: 71

Team rank: 29

In 12 starts and less than 500 snaps, he racked up enough negative points (-17.2). That's a big reason he is expected to ride the bench behind Austin Howard this season. But there will be a competition at the spot and being a former second round pick, he may see significant time.

16. OG Khalif Barnes

2014 PFF grade: -16.9

Adjusted grade: -20.9

Position rank: 71

Team rank: 30

If Barnes were to start any games next season, it figures to be at guard. So, to find a proper grade for him, one must accumulate the points from all of his starts at guard the past couple seasons. That total is -20.9 which would have been the 8th worst starting guard in the NFL last season.

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