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New NFL rule allows Khalil Mack to wear college number, he wants to know: 46 or 52?

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

One of the fun facts about Khalil Mack from his college days was what prompted him to choose his number. He wore number 46 because that was the grade he was given on the EA Sports NCAA Football video game. That's a very low score and as motivation to prove he was better than their grade of him, he decided to put it on his chest.

It worked.

Mack became the most dominant pass linebacker in the country at University at Buffalo wearing that number. He was unable to wear that number in the NFL due to NFL rules that prohibited it.

Now thanks to an NFL rule change, linebackers will once again be allowed to don numbers in the 40s. This means should he choose to do so, he can switch from the number 52 he wore as a rookie to his college number 46.

It remains to be seen whether he will do this, but he took to Twitter today to throw it out there and see what the fans think about which number he should wear.

The "lol" at the end of the first tweet could mean he isn't completely serious, but hey, you never know.

Let's help him out with a poll of our own. Tomorrow I'll let him know of the results.