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Justin Tuck, Ricky Lumpkin place friendly wager as their alma maters Notre Dame, Kentucky face off in NCAA Tournament Elite 8

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA tournament continues Saturday as we are down to the Elite 8. The second game of the day features Notre Dame vs Kentucky, coming up at 5:49pm Pacific time (8:49 Eastern). It has also sparked some friendly wagering between Raiders teammates Justin Tuck and Ricky Lumpkin. Tuck being a Notre Dame alum and Lumpkin having attended Kentucky.

First there was some nice trash talking when the Wildcats of Kentucky smoked West Virginia in the Sweet 16, 78-39.

Then with Notre Dame having won their Sweet 16 match-up over Wichita State, Lumpkin offered to make a friendly wager with Tuck as their two teams now face each other. Tuck agreed, though we don't know yet what the wager is.

Then a fan started trolling Lumpkin, prompting him to -- for whatever reason -- tweet a picture of his UK diploma.

Lumpkin tweeted his view of the game.

Kentucky is a one seed and being that they haven't lost a game yet this season, is favored to win the tournament. Notre Dame is a 3 seed and a win would be considered a pretty big upset. The winner faces Wisconsin in the Final Four.