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Twitter Reactions to Maurice Jones-Drew retirement

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maurice Jones-Drew only managed to have one season with the Oakland Raiders and we will be perfectly honest here, it wasn't a good one. Forget about the way his career finished though, MJD was without a doubt one of the most exciting running backs to grace an NFL field over the past decade.

He is widely thought of as an excellent teammate and was wildly entertaining both to watch on the field and to listen to off of it. His love of fantasy football has helped catapult the game to a new level of popularity and that was before even taking to the next stage of his life where he almost certainly will get into a television gig.

With all that in mind it should be no surprise that Twitter has plenty of reaction to the news of his retirement. Whether it's his former team, former teammates, the media or just fans there are a lot of people out there sending out well wishes to MJD on the commencement of his career!

And to top it all off, here is one heck of a joke even if it is a burn on the two teams MJD played for!