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If Ndamukong Suh signs with Dolphins, it could present Raiders with nice consolation prize

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Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The first frontrunner to emerge in the race to sign free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh appears to be the Dolphins. At least, they're saying they are pretty confident he they will be able to sign him. And if you think they don't have the cap space to do it, you weren't paying attention in the final few years of Al Davis' life.

Suh is the biggest free agent prize out there and he would be a tremendous sign for the Raiders. But if he ended up with the Dolphins, all may not be lost. In fact, as far as alternative destinations, landing in Miami could present the Raiders with a nice consolation prize - Jared Odrick.

Odrick is set to become a free agent himself and is a pretty good defensive tackle in his own rite. If the Dolphins sign Suh, they would almost certainly allow Odrick to leave as a free agent and he would be a nice find for the Raiders as a young, solid defensive tackle.

While it is certainly possible to move things around to be able to fit Suh under the cap, it is virtually impossible they could do it and still be able to afford bringing Odrick back. Not to mention they play the same position and the pursuit of Suh is as an upgrade over Odrick at defensive tackle.

If the Dolphins can't woo Suh to South Beach, it's still very possible they bring back Odrick.

Odrick has played in every game for the Dolphins over the past four seasons, starting 41 of 64. He averaged about 4.0 sacks over that time, though his sack totals have gone down every season, with just one last season.

Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider had this to say about Odrick

Like most of the defense, Odrick's play seemed to slip at the end of the year, with teams able to run straight up the middle on the Dolphins' formerly stout run defense. It is hard to say that Odrick fell off, when the entire defense did the same - was it Odrick's play that caused the problems, or did the defense's problems cause Odrick to struggle. At only 27 years old, and with the flexibility to play 4-3 defensive end, 3-4 defensive end, and 4-3 defensive tackle, Odrick brings a long term answer to a defensive line.

Also according to The Phinsider, Odrick would be likely to command about $7 million per season. Compare that to the Suh who is looking at around $20 million per season and the Raiders could sign Odrick near three times over. Or more likely Odrick and a couple other guys. Like, say, Randall Cobb and Terrance Knighton.