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Raiders emerge as favorite to land Randall Cobb

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For the past few months, the name Randall Cobb has popped up more and more frequently in connection with the Raiders. All indications are now that the Raiders are the favorite to land his services.

To come to this conclusion you need only follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

As the top free agent wide receiver this offseason, he is in high demand. Due to his connections with Reggie McKenzie who was in Green Bay when Cobb was drafted, and the Raiders having copious amounts of money to spend in free agency, he was the logical choice to top my Raiders Free Agency Wishlist among receivers.

Last week that was confirmed by a report that said the Raiders were going to actively pursue Cobb in free agency so as to reunite him with James Jones as they had performed well together for three seasons in Green Bay.

Cobb asked for a reported $12 million per season from the Packers who were offering him $9 million. The report also states an outside team had already put up an offer of $11 million for Cobb and the Raiders were believed to be that team.

Even still, there was the Jaguars who were said to be in the mix for Cobb and what with the whole ‘no income tax' thing in Florida, it seemed they might hold a slight edge should they really pursue it.

Just after this report came out, Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated put Oakland as the best fit for Cobb along with several other free agents including Ndamukong Suh.

The Raiders have been linked to Suh this offseason as well. The 3-time All Pro defensive tackle is the biggest name on the free agent market.

Then Adam Schefter said on Sirius XM Radio he expects the Raiders to prioritize Randall Cobb and Julius Thomas ahead of Suh.

The suitors for Suh are far more vast than for Cobb at this point and they have included teams like the Dolphins, Giants, Chargers, Bears, and Jaguars along with a chance he could return to the Lions.

While teams are falling over themselves to get Suh, the Raiders could reel in Cobb.

The only other team who has been mentioned to have major interest in Cobb aside from the Raiders are the Jaguars and their league leading $68+ million in salary cap space. Gil Brandt agrees that the Raiders and Jaguars are the only two real contenders for him.

But Yahoo! Sports' Charles Johnson has the Jaguars out of the race for Cobb as well as other top free agents, DeMarco Murray and Ndamukong Suh.

That leaves the Raiders are the clear favorite to have Cobb signing the dotted line come the start of free agency on March 10.

UPDATE: and just like that Adam Schefter is reporting Randall Cobb has re-signed with the Packers. They have upped their offer to $10 million per season and he remains in Green Bay. So it doesn't matter who the favorite is because he won't even hit the market.