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Raiders reportedly will miss out on top tier wide receiver market

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming in fast and furious and what they are revealing is bad news for the Raiders all around. Most notably in the wide receiver market which just over 24 hours since the negotiating period started has watched every top tier talent go elsewhere. This despite Raiders coming into this with a staggering $67 million to spend under the salary cap.

It is no secret the Raiders are desperate for a number one wide receiver. That has been clear for a solid decade. At least it is clear to everyone outside the Raiders organization.

Coming into the negotiation period there were three free agent receivers who were of the caliber to be that answer or at least part of it for the Raiders -- Randall Cobb, Torrey Smith, and Jeremy Maclin. And all three will reportedly suit up in other uniforms next season.

Cobb's deal isn't even reported, he re-signed with the Packers a few hours after the negotiating period began.

Smith has said officially he will not be returning to the Ravens and according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, it is a 'done deal' that he will be signing across the Bay with the San Francisco 49ers.

Then it was Maclin's turn to go to a Raiders rival as he is headed so sign with the Chiefs under his former head coach, Andy Reid according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

So, whats left? Nothing worth noting, really. Then maybe the rest of the Maclin's 2009 draft class of Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Crabtree, and of course the highest drafted of them all; Darrius Heyward-Bey.

If you are into the cut players, maybe recently cut Brian Hartline or Harry Douglas will tempt you.

With the addition of Maclin, the Chiefs are expected to release Dwayne Bowe who didn't score a single touchdown last season and hasn't gone over 1000 yards since 2011 (1159) and whose production has gone down each of the past four seasons. The Jets are expected to cut Percy Harvin after acquiring Brandon Marshall in trade. Andre Johnson has reportedly asked to be cut by the Texans.

Are you excited yet?