Louis Riddick likes Amari Cooper for Raiders at 4 overall, not Leonard Williams

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Probably my favorite guy at ESPN is Louis Riddick. I find I agree with most of his scouting takes. Especially this which he told colleague Bill Williamson:

Here is what Riddick had to tell me about his choice of Cooper:

"The projection to me comes down to who is ready to give me the return on investment that I am looking for at the spot, and who still has what I see as a skill set that can further be developed to an even higher level. Amari is a guy that has been trained in a pro-style offense, in a pro-style program, with pro coaches, and has shown the ability to produce at an extremely high level in that environment. He is exactly what (Oakland quarterback Derek) Carr needs to take his QB game to the next level, being that he can win inside/outside/short/deep ... whatever is needed. Furthermore, he is an A+ as far as football character, and will continue to take his game to a higher level as his exposure to the pro game increases due to that football character."

Most projections have Williams as a top-three player in the draft. Riddick likes Williams, but he downgrades him a bit because he thinks Williams is a two-down player.

"This is not to say that Leonard Williams cannot be a good player, because he should be," Riddick said. "I just do not want to pay that kind of price for a good two-down player that I don't know if he will be a good third-down producer. I have not seen it, and I don't trust it at this point. The expectations do not match up with the projection for me."

You can read the entire article here.