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Packers match Raiders offer sheet to Sean Richardson

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Raiders signed Packers safety Sean Richardson to 1-year, $2.55 million offer sheet. The Packers had until today to match the offer should they wish to keep the special teams standout. They have chosen to match it which means Richardson will remain with the Packers as first reported by Paul Imig of Green Bay Fox Sports affiliate.

There were some who were shocked by the Raiders' offer to Richardson. After all, he is just a reserve safety. But his worth come mostly as a special teamer, I used the example of former Raiders safety and special teams maven, Hiram Eugene. The Packers agreed Richardson was worth at least the offer he was made from the Raiders and opted to keep him.

It was worth a shot for the Raiders, who still have plenty of money to spend in free agency, to attempt to reel in Richardson. He would have been a valuable member of their special teams and added depth to the safety position.