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Report: Michael Crabtree now expected to sign with Raiders

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After Michael Crabtree visited the Raiders last week and leaving without a deal signed, any hopes for a deal were officially on hold and there were no indications the talks would pick up again. Now ESPN is reporting the two sides may have finally reached a deal that could be complete as soon as Monday evening.

Crabtree had visited the Dolphins prior to his visit to Oakland and at that time it was reported he was seeking a contract in the neighborhood of $4.5 million per season. The Dolphins were said to have offered $3 million per season and so no deal was struck.

There are no specifics yet as to what the deal between the Raiders and Crabtree is, but the Raiders have been reluctant to hand out long term deals with a lot of guaranteed money past the first year. But since we are now more than a month into free agency, it is most likely Crabtree realized he had no better options out there and came around to the Raiders contract stipulations.