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Raiders officially add Michael Crabtree on 1-year incentive laden deal

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have officially signed wide receiver Michael Crabtree, Monday night. He come to the Raiders on a 1-year deal worth a reported base of $3.2 million worth a maximum of $5 million after incentives, according to Ian Rapoport.

He was said to be asking for $4.5 million per season and should he reach his incentives, he would receive the amount he was seeking on the market.

The lack of interest in the former 49ers receiver was due in part to the risk that he will not be able to recover the same form he had in 2012 when he had 1105 yards receiving.

His 2013 season was cut short by a ruptured Achilles tendon and his 2014 season saw him with the lowest yards per catch average of his career (10.3). It remains to be seen if he can regain his prior form on the field.

He also carries the perceived 'diva' label going back as far as before he was drafted. His parting from the 49ers last season was said to be mutual due to his unwillingness to play for the new coaching staff in San Francisco.

Those reasons are why a one-year deal was in order to give him a chance to prove he deserves a longer deal. If he can, the Raiders will have the money next offseason to bring him back long term should they choose to do so.

For now it is the proverbial 'low risk/high reward' type contract for Raiders. And for Crabtree, he doesn't have to leave the Bay Area and he has the opportunity to surpass what he was asking in a contract for this season.