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Michael Crabtree contract incentives with Raiders broken down

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Monday night Michael Crabtree officially signed with the Raiders on a one-year deal. Here are all the contract details as broken down by Joel Corry of the National Football Post.

1-year, $3.2 million deal

-- $1.3 million signing bonus, $1.4 million base salary, $250k workout bonus, $250k per game roster bonus (That's $250k total which equals out to $15.625k each game he's on the active roster).

$1.8 million in incentives for a max possible $5 million

-- $400k for 70 catches or 900 yards

-- $1.4 million for 100 catches or 1400 yards

-- $400k for being named to the Pro Bowl

Based on Crabtree's career numbers so far, the $400k incentive for 70 catches or 900 yards is the only one he has a real chance to reach as he has only surpassed either of those numbers once in his career -- 2012 when he had 85 catches for 1105 yards. So, he would have to by far have the best season of his career to get anywhere near the max worth of his contract.

He has also never been to a Pro Bowl. If he reaches all these incentives, he stands to earn a much bigger contract next year.