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Sio Moore upset no Raiders stores carry his jersey, vows to do something about it

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Sio Moore took note of the fact that he could not find a Raider Image store in the Bay Area that carried his jersey. Raider Image is the official store for the Oakland Raiders and as a standout linebacker and member of the All Rookie team a season ago, he feels like they should carry his jersey.

He's probably right, too.

While up until recently underachieving top pick running back Darren McFadden -- who surpassed 1000 yards just once in seven seasons with the Raiders and up until last season had never been healthy an entire season -- had jerseys on every shelf across the country and even overseas.

Fans should be able to head on down to their local Raider Image and get the jersey of one of the team's few standout players in recent years.

Moore took to Twitter to vent his frustrations after he said a young child came to him crying that she was unable to find his jersey in stores.

Then Sio said if the Raiders don't want his jersey in stores, he'd buy some online and personally make them available to fans. Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater chimed in with his support.

Always one to appreciate his fans, Moore then vowed to meet up with fans with jerseys and T-shirts with the added bonus of his autograph on them.

Or if you already have one of his jerseys, he said just send them to Raiders HQ with return postage and he'll sign it and send it back.

If you ever wondered why Sio Moore is a fan favorite, here's a perfect example of why. Hard to imagine if he goes out and has another great season as he did as a rookie, those Raider Image stores won't start carrying his jersey.