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Oakland Raiders 2015 NFL Schedule: Christmas Eve game vs. Chargers

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The Raiders will play a holiday game at home against the Bolts.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Details regarding the upcoming season's schedule are just beginning to emerge. According to this tweet from San Diego Union-Tribune beat writer Michael Gehlken, the Raiders and Chargers will play on Christmas Eve.

The Raiders have played on Christmas Eve seven times including a game against the Baltimore Colts in 1977 which many believe is the greatest Christmas Eve game of all time. Dave Casper caught three touchdowns in that one, and the only reception he didn't take for a score was the famous 'Ghost to the Post' catch as Oakland won the game 37-31 in double overtime. Oakland also played on Christmas Eve in 2000 as they trounced the Panthers 52-9 behind a dominant Rich Gannon performance.

This year's game should prove interesting, as the Chargers are currently in turmoil with their star safety Eric Weddle upset over his contract and rumors swirling that Philip Rivers may be shipped elsewhere before the season gets under way. They could be a real mess by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, and we will know exactly what sort of team Oakland is under their new coaching staff and with their shiny new draft picks. Will they be good enough to topple San Diego and challenge for a playoff spot? Hopefully the Raider fans in attendance and watching at home will get an early Christmas present this year.

This is the Raiders one and only primetime game of 2015.

See the entire schedule here.