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Raiders 2015 Draft Pick or Pass: Kevin White

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After an explosive combine to cap off an impressive season, West Virginia's Kevin White is skyrocketing up draft boards. As a guy Al Davis would have loved, we ask our staff writers: is Kevin White the guy to pair with Derek Carr for years to come?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

At 6'3" and 215 pounds, Kevin White is an impressively built receiver. Add in the 4.35 40-yard dash time, 23 reps at the bench press and ridiculous jumping ability, and you can see why this guy is in the discussion as a top-5 pick.

The drawback to White is his up and down college career. In 2013, after transferring to West Virginia from junior college, White caught just 35 passes for 507 yards and five touchdowns. One year later, White posted 109 catches for 1,447 yards and 10 touchdowns.

The question is: which Kevin White will show up in 2015?

Jeff Spiegel

As I mentioned in my post about Amari Cooper, my decision to pick or pass on Cooper and White is one in which I'm only "picking" one, while passing on the other. At pick No. 4, the Raiders will have their choice of the two, and while I wouldn't hate either pick, I do have a preference for Cooper.

My issue with White is the inconsistency. Yes, I love his size and athleticism and upside. But no, I can't really live with the question marks about drops and disappearance in 2013. If we were talking about pick No. 10, it would be one thing, but at pick No. 4 you simply can't miss and I think White has a higher chance of failing than Cooper.

Derek Carr is (hopefully) getting a new toy in two weeks, but if it were up to me at No. 4, that toy wouldn't be Kevin White.

Verdict: PASS


Last week I saw an episode of NFL Network's Game Changers. This one featured wide receivers, and it included Kevin White, Tyler Lockett, Devin Funchess and Jamison Crowder. They all looked great doing their little drills and running around in shirts and shorts, but Kevin White stood out. He stood out because he is huge.

I cannot really express this enough. Devin Funchess is a monster at 6'5", but Kevin White is two inches shorter and he looked like a larger man. Kevin White is an absolute physical freak. He was in amazing shape (think a black version of Ahnold in Pumping Iron), ran like a deer, caught everything thrown his way with ease. There is very little doubt in my mind that he would make the Raiders better. However, the trouble with White is that at fourth overall, the Raiders will be in one of two positions:

1. The Titans selected Leonard Williams second overall. In this case, a quarterback will be available and the Raiders may want to trade down. If they don't get a good enough offer, they should take Amari Cooper.

2. The Titans selected a quarterback second overall or traded their pick so someone else who did. In this case, Leonard Williams will be available. I don't see Jacksonville taking Williams with both Jared Odrick and Sen'Derrick Marks on their team. Williams should be the pick.

So there's no room for Kevin White unless the Raiders trade down four or five spots. If they do, it's conceivable that Cooper is still around. If he is not, White should be the pick, and that's the only way Oakland should take him. So, pass at fourth, but he is an option later on.

Verdict: PASS

Marcus Allen Krause

Kevin White is not quite the polished receiver that Amari Cooper is, but he does have a higher ceiling if he were to grow into his potential. For that reason, however, I would pass on Kevin White at the number 4 pick. If they traded down, then absolutely, but I would rather the more polished product in Amari Cooper if they do stay at No. 4.

The thing about Kevin White is that he could end up being a truly elite receiver. He has the physical gifts at 6'3 and 215 lbs, he is very strong (shown by his 23 bench presses at the combine) and he ran a 4.35 40 yard dash. If he reaches his full potential he could end up in the conversation with guys like Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant.

I wouldn't be upset with the Raiders picking White at #4 and banking on his potential because he could be a truly great receiver. However, I would pick Leonard Williams and Amari Cooper ahead of him and if both of them are gone then a trade would be the way to go.

I say that because at least one of the two prized QB's in Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston would still be available if Williams and Cooper were both already taken before the No. 4 pick. The trade bait of that position would be too much to pass on, therefore I would have to say pass on Kevin White at #4. Only because there are 3 options I like more than him though, if he ended up being picked it would still be something I would be happy with.

Verdict: PASS

Tyler Green

If the Raiders are to stay at four overall, their pick needs to be either Leonard Williams or Amari Cooper, and there is a great chance at least one of them will be available.

I don't think it is even close between Cooper and White. Cooper is much more pro ready, is just as fast and plays much faster on the field, and has three years of consistent play against elite competition.

White has a high ceiling, but not much higher that Cooper's. His route running needs to be improved and he also comes with the tag of a potential one year wonder.

If the Raiders decide to trade back into the 8-10 range, I think White would be a great pick because of his potential and the Raiders need at the position.

But if they stay at four overall, the pick has to be Cooper or Williams.

Verdict: PASS

Levi Damien

There is no question about Kevin White's abilities as a receiver. He is big (6-3, 210) and fast (4.35 40-yard-dash) and is a physical specimen with long arms, big hands, and strength to win jump balls and outmuscle defensive backs. He was also very productive last season with 1447 yards and 10 touchdowns. He has the potential to be an NFL superstar. My one question is where was all this before last season?

White had 109 catches last season, up from just 35 the season before which was a season removed from being a junior college transfer. He essentially came out of nowhere. He will be drafted high but with one season playing at the level there isn't a lot of film to prove with utmost certainty that he can improve on several of his shortcomings which include some sloppy route running and not consistently shaking defenders instead of being forced to outrun them after the catch. Being physically dominating at the college level is much easier than in the pros.

I hate to make this a simple case of Amari Cooper vs Kevin White, but that's just what it is. Both receivers will likely be on the board when the Raiders pick at number four and Cooper is the better option. White is a top ten talent and I think he will have success in the NFL, but his transition will not be as seamless as it is for Cooper who is polished and experienced which is what Derek Carr and this Raiders offense needs right now.

Verdict: PASS