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2015 S&BP staff mock draft: With the 4th pick in the 1st round the Oakland Raiders select...

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Another year and another draft, and its coming up quickly. That means another mock draft from Silver & Black Pride where we go round to round mocking who the Raiders will select. With the 4th pick in the 1st round the Raiders select....

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Leonard Williams, DT, USC

The massive USC Defensive Tackle is just too good to pass on, so pass the Raiders wont. Leonard Williams is the type of defensive lineman that can dominate on his own, the type that demands double teams, and the type that would help take last year's top pick Khalil Mack's game to the next level by providing him with an elite tandem player.

The biggest hole on the Raiders is their inability to get at the quarterback. Despite all of the QB pressures from Khalil Mack last year (40) he still only had gotten 4 sacks and that was 2nd best on the team. They need more sacks  than that if they want to compete in 2015. If Oakland wants to get out of these dark days they need to fix this issue and Leonard Williams does that for you.

Williams strength and speed combination makes him capable of playing at any position across the line of scrimmage as well which allows the Raiders to move him around when they need to. Sound familiar? It should, that is the same trait that Khalil Mack brings and makes for an extremely versatile defensive scheme if you have multiple people being capable of playing multiple positions. That is something that Jack Del Rio and Ken Norton Jr. will definitely be able to use to their advantage.

There are other great options available at the number 4 pick, Amari Cooper being next in line if Leonard Williams was already drafted. However, the momentum sounds like it is swinging towards Dante Fowler going number 3 to the Jacksonville Jaguars and that would likely mean Leonard Williams is going to be available since it is very likely the top two QB's will go 1,2 in this draft.

The guy is 6'5 and 291 lbs of beast. He is capable against the run and the pass, he has elite closing speed, and he never gives up on a play. Yes, he is best suited to play defensive tackle which is a position that is already full with Justin "Jelly" Ellis and free agent signing Dan Williams, but when you are talking about a player this good it trumps everything else. He is going to be able to play defensive end at the next level anyway but even if he was exclusively at DT you still don't pass on him because he is just too good of a prospect to pass on.

There is a bonus here too, he wants to be an Oakland Raider. It doesn't really matter if the player they draft wants to be a Raider or not because it isn't how the draft works and whoever they choose would become a Raiders fan afterward. However, there is still a certain type of person who WANTS to be a Raider. That shows the type of tenacity, loyalty and ambition that the Silver and Black needs, and it comes in a player that fills the biggest hole on the team.

With the 4th pick in the 1st round of the 2015 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select Leonard Williams, and to me it isn't even a tough call to make. Amari Cooper is great, but I want the 6'5 behemoth from USC. You just don't over think it when a player this good lands in your lap, you pick him and walk away knowing you got a great player in this draft.