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Raiders, Chargers release revamped Los Angeles stadium renderings

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Manica Architecture

With things moving forward on the Raiders and Chargers shared Los Angeles stadium plans in Carson, the folks designing the stadium have gotten serious about the renderings for the stadium. They have released new design renderings which the Los Angeles Times published Thursday.

The stadium project is expected to cost around $1.7 billion. Here are some of the various computer renderings that were released.

New Carson stadium rendering

New Carson Stadium renderings
New Carson stadium renderings

You can see these renderings and more here.

These designs were shown to the NFL stadium committee in New York this week.

One thing is certain, this stadium is much better looking than the previous renderings which looked basically like a carbon copy of Levi's Stadium where the 49ers play. That design, according to Sam Farmer of the LA Times, was not collaborated with the Raiders but with the Chargers only.

This new design was a collaboration between the Raiders and Chargers which has been underway since March 1 of this year and presented to the NFL's LA stadium committee in New York this week.

As you can see, the stadium has a mostly enclosed horseshoe design which would act similarly to that of CenturyLink stadium in Seattle to hold in the sound and make for a louder, more hostile environment for visiting teams on game day.

The stadium comes complete with an all-new 'Fire that burns brightest' flame in honor of Al Davis. For Chargers games the same tower would have shoot out lightning bolts when they score. When the stadium plays host to the Super Bowl, it would be transformed into a giant Lombardi Trophy.

As to what color the seats will be, that has not yet been decided. Designer David Manica told Farmer they have considered using clear seats so as to reflect the color of the lights on game day whether it be the Chargers or Raiders.

Stadium plans continue to move forward in San Diego and Oakland as well as Inglewood where Rams owner Stan Kroenke is hoping to build a stadium.