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Report: Former 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree to visit Raiders

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency started three weeks ago. Since then most top players have gone on to sign contracts. Then there's MIchael Crabtree. The former 1000-yard receiver who caught 68 passes last season for the 49ers is still a free agent and has had little reported interest, even from the wide receiver starved Oakland Raiders. Until now.

Crabtree will be making a free agent visit to the Raiders next week according to sources close to Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports.

The Raiders have a bit of a history with Crabtree. He was considered the top wide receiver in the 2009 draft, but he had some serious diva qualities causing the Raiders to choose Darrius Heyward-Bey ahead of him and Crabtree was taken at 10th overall by the 49ers. Crabtree thought he should still be paid as if he were the 7th overall pick and held out until four weeks into the season to get more money.

This offseason he was reportedly willing to wait as long as it took to find the right deal before signing with a team. If he's visiting the Raiders, he either lowered his contract demands or the Raiders raised theirs to a level acceptable to him. This late in free agency, and knowing Reggie McKenzie, it is most likely the former.

Talent wise, he is the best wide receiver on the market. It's his attitude that makes some teams leery of signing him. The 49ers replaced him with Torrey Smith and his draft classmate Jeremy Maclin was quickly scooped up by the Chiefs.