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McFadden thinks his best work still ahead

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Darren McFadden tells the NFL Network that he thinks the best is yet to come for him.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last  month, the Dallas Cowboys signed former Raiders running back Darren McFadden to a two-year, $3M contract. That was before DeMarco Murray left to join the Eagles, so McFadden was signed with the intention of being a quality backup, which is about right. Murray's departure means McFadden is- for now- the man in Dallas.

"I just want to go out there and continue to show people what I can do," McFadden said on NFL Network. "I still don’t think the world has seen the best of Darren McFadden."

However, there are rumblings that Dallas may be thinking of trading for Adrian Peterson, who grew up in Texas as a Cowboy fan. They could also draft a running back high such as Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley. No one expects McFadden to be the main ball-carrier in Dallas, although even at his age he could put up huge numbers behind that monster offensive line.

McFadden's primary issue throughout his career has been his health. He did manage to stay on his feet for the entire 2014 season, but his offensive line was putrid at run blocking and he didn't have much success. As far as anyone knows, he is in good health currently and Dallas loves to spread the carries around to different backs because they run the ball often. Even if McFadden isn't the primary back in Dallas, his relatively fresh legs and versatility should enable him to be a productive player.

We know that Jerry Jones, an Arkansas alum, loves his Razorbacks players and will give McFadden every opportunity to be a success. Barring another freak injury like those which have befallen him regularly in his career, it's hard to imagine him not having at least some success in Dallas.