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2015 Raiders draft rumors, TV schedule, team needs and more

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It's finally draft day! There is a misinformation overload happening across the internet and it can be hard what to believe. But there have been a lot discussed about what the Raiders could do with their fourth overall pick tonight.

To see the TV schedule and draft order, click here.

Most of the rumors and news has surrounded either Leonard Williams, Amari Cooper, or trading out of the spot.

Williams is widely considered the best player in the draft. Some projections have him off the board by the fourth pick, some have the Raiders taking him at fourth overall, and others have him on the board with the Raiders passing on him.

The latest trusted mock draft is that of Mike Mayock who has Williams as his best player in the draft, but has the Raiders passing on Williams in favor of Amari Cooper.

Cooper has become the hot topic of late, with several mock drafts sending him to Oakland, many of which are from very trusted draft minds. Not to mention, legendary Raiders receivers Tim Brown and Cliff Branch have both gone on record saying they very much would like to see Cooper be the pick for the Raiders. Branch went as far as to say he was on his knees praying for it to happen.

The Raiders very much need a defensive end but the only two who talent wise were considered to be worthy of even a top ten pick were both busted for weed recently and look to be falling down draft boards.

As for trading down, the rumors have nearly every team in the top five picks open to a trade down. That includes the Titans (2), Jaguars (3), Raiders (4), and Redskins (5).

At sixth overall, the Jets have been mentioned as a team which could look to move up to get a quarterback, both of whom are expected to come off the board in the top two picks to the Buccaneers and Titans or a team who trades up to get one. Those two quarterbacks are Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.

Either way, there will be a player on the board when the Raiders pick who could be of interest to a team looking to trade up. Best case scenario, should they look to trade down, is Leonard Williams is still on the board and a team offers the farm to move up to get him. Though as of yet there is no indications that would happen or what team would do it.

Raiders top needs:

Defensive end, Wide Receiver, Offensive Guard

Upgrad/depth needs:

Safety, Cornerback, Tight end, Running Back, Defensive tackle, Middle Linebacker

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