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Raiders offseason workouts begin today, what they will entail

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders will begin offseason workouts today as the first step in their preparations for the 2015 season. Here are a few things to know about what the team is allowed to do during this time.

1. The Raiders have a new head coach which means they are allowed to begin their offseason workouts two weeks ahead of teams with returning head coaches (whose offseason workouts begin April 21).

2. These are voluntary workouts. Players are not required to attend and teams are not allowed to offer workout bonuses for those players who do choose to attend.

3. This is the first time the team has been permitted to use team facilities since the end of the 2014 season.

4. This first phase of workouts are essentially for strength and conditioning and rehab from injuries.

5. These workouts may not to be supervised or organized by coaches. Strength and conditioning coaches may only supervise the weight room to prevent injury and misuse of equipment.

6. No footballs shall be permitted to be used except that quarterbacks may elect to throw to receivers provided they are not covered by any other player.

7. Players cannot wear helmets.

See the entire Raiders offseason schedule and event calendar here.