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Michael Crabtree visit with Raiders ends with no deal

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in a week, Michael Crabtree visits a prospective team interested in his services and leaves without a contract. Late last week he visited the Dolphins and after getting no deal done there he headed to Oakland on Monday to visit with the Raiders. He has now left Oakland without a contract as well.

It is fairly clear at this point that Crabtree is overvaluing himself... again.

He is reportedly looking for something in the neighborhood of $4.5 million per season. Though there are always more stipulations involved including guaranteed money and long term security. That is something the Raiders have been hesitant to downright unwilling to offer free agents of late and Crabtree would never be the player to become the exception. He is the rule.

The Dolphins reportedly offered him $3 million per season and he was not interested.

I rarely would say a player is only interested in money because players should always be paid what they are worth and strive to get that amount. But in this case, I think that holds true.

If you'll remember correctly, Crabtree was considered the best receiver in the 2009 draft. The Raiders had the seventh overall pick and were looking to draft a wide receiver. They chose Darrius Heyward-Bey ahead of Crabtree, who then fell to 10th overall to the 49ers. But Crabtree still thought he SHOULD have been chosen at 7 overall so he held out to get paid like it.

Crabtree missed the first five games of the 2009 season holding out for that extra money that wasn't rightfully his. Then his first six seasons he played and acted entirely undeserving of that money.

His most memorable moment in those six years was being the catalyst of Richard Sherman's angry rant after he had the game-winning interception in the NFC Championship while guarding him.

Now, Crabtree is yet again 'holding out' for money he hasn't earned. As opposed to signing a reasonable contract and PROVING he deserves to be paid better -- a chance the Raiders were willing to give him.

He has talent, let's be clear on that. And he would be an upgrade at receiver for the Raiders. But at what cost? And is that cost felt more in the wallet or in the locker room? My guess is if it weren't for fear of the latter, the Raiders would be more willing to relinquish the former.

We're now a month into free agency and Crabtree still doesn't get it. The Raiders will stand pat with their offer. And either he will come around or another team will get desperate and up their offer. Then as soon as they are no longer desperate, they will rid themselves of him and his screwed up priorities.