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2015 NFL Draft Day 2 TV schedule, Raiders Day 1 roundup

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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Day 2 is here. and there is much to discuss as we lead up to the start of the second round. First up, we have the TV schedule:

Day 2: Round 2-3
Network: NFL Network, ESPN/ESPN2
Time: 4:00pm-8:00pm Pacific time

On the clock per pick: Round 2 - 7 minutes per pick, Round 3 - 5 minutes per pick

In the first round, the Raiders selected WR Amari Cooper out of Alabama. Here are a couple articles about him:

Twitter reactions to Raiders selection Amari Cooper at 4th overall

Amari Cooper polish, maturity, route running offer Raiders instant impact

In depth look at Amari Cooper, what he brings to Raiders

We tracked the entire first round. Take a look back at who was chosen here.

There are a lot of good players still available. Click here to see those.