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First looks: Amari Cooper to wear number 19 for Raiders

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Levi Damien

Amari Cooper had his introductory press conference at Raiders headquarters today, a day after the team made him their fourth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. I asked him if he had chosen his number yet and he confirmed he will wear the number 19 for the Raiders.

This selection was somewhat expected considering he wore number 9 at Alabama and that number is not allowed at the NFL level. That was also a number that happened to be available to him.

Recently signed wide receiver Michael Crabtree made a similar choice when he joined the NFL and when he signed with the Raiders. He had worn number 5 in college and chose number 15 when he was drafted by the 49ers and again when he signed in Oakland.

The number 19 just happened to be available to Cooper with no current receivers wearing it so there was no need to ask anyone to switch numbers for him.

Following his press conference, Cooper posed holding up his new 19 jersey along with GM Reggie McKenzie and head coach Jack Del Rio. Photo shown above.