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2015 NFL Draft Results: Raiders take TE Clive Walford at Pick 68 of Round 3

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The Raiders have selected the big tight end out of Miami in the third round.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have selected Miami tight end Clive Walford in the third round of the NFL Draft. Oakland has beefed up their TE corps with Lee Smith, but looked to get better with TEs as an offensive threat and Walford does offer that.

Clive Walford is an excellent blocker and has improved every year as a pass catcher.  He is 6'4" and 251 pounds. He instantly upgrades Oakland's passing game along with WR Amari Cooper.

Walford is a guy who has been rocketing up draft boards in the weeks leading up to now, with teams loving his physical play and big frame in addition to the fact that he has constantly improved despite spotty QB play from the Hurricanes. Walford is seen as an asset in both the running and passing game and will allow the Raiders to more effectively use two tight-end sets with no liabilities on the field. He has consistent hands but inconsistent speed and his top-end acceleration isn't what you'd like to see. However, he is quick enough to beat any linebacker in coverage.

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Here's a highlight reel!